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Please find below an introduction to our church leaders and staff members.
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Simon Tomkins, Vicar
Simon has been vicar at St John’s, St Martin’s and St James since 2016, and is convinced this is the best job in the world.  He’s married to Nikki, who is much nicer than he is.  He enjoys taking part in sports that don’t require any hand-eye coordination.  He is regularly surprised at how many children and how little hair he now has.  
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Scott Seivewright - Youth & Families Minister
Scott has been in working at St John’s, St Martin’s and
St James since 2018.  He is married to Ange and he
has two children and enjoys walks and building
complicated Lego creations.  Originally from
South Africa but now calls the Midlands home.
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Benefice Administrator - Donna Wilcox
Donna has been working at St James, St Martin’s and St John’s since 2020. 

She is married to Duncan with four children.  She grew up with
St Martin’s as her local church where she remembers The Girls Brigade. 
She joined St James in 2003 in preparation to get married in 2004 and never left, except for a brief stint of 8 years at St John’s. 

St John's, Alsagers Bank

Charles Clowry
Churchwarden at St John’s
Charles is married to Hazel and has been part of
St John’s Church for 37 years.  His working life was
spent in the coal mines, and he enjoys reading (especially history) and watching all sports.
Geoff Farrington
Churchwarden at St John’s

Geoff attended Wood Lane Methodist Chapel from his teenage years, but was invited to St John’s and, as the service times were earlier, he couldn’t think of an excuse not to come to both!  He has loved playing cricket for 3 local clubs, and has sung with choirs around Audley Parish for 20 years. 
St John’s PCC:
Julia Cornes (Treasurer), Charles Clowry (Warden), Hazel Clowry,
Geoff Farrington (Warden), Chris Greenhall, Brian Hockenhull,
Debbie Hockenhull, Margaret Nicol (Secretary), Brian Nicol, 
Scott Seivewright (Youth and Families Minister), Simon Tomkins (Chair)
Donna Wilcox (Deanery Synod & Treasurer)

St Martin's Talke
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Stuart Howle
Churchwarden at St Martin’s
Stuart and his wife Pauline have lived in Talke for all of their married lives, and have been part of the church family at St Martin's since 2005.  He's played football and cricket for various local Teams, including Staffordshire under-25's when he was in his mid-40's!
St Martin's PCC: 

Keith Garner, Val Garner, June Hancock, Stuart Howle (Warden), Malcolm Rigby,
Scott Seivewright, Simon Tomkins (Chair), Kath Tyler

St James, Audley

Malcolm Stoves
Churchwarden at St James

Malcolm, raised in a Co. Durham mining community, is a Newcastle United fan.  He has lived in west London and Somerset before moving to Staffordshire when he married Anne in 2016.   Malcolm sings and Anne plays the piano.  “I have heard worse”, he says. Maybe you haven't?
Paul Morgan
Churchwarden at St James

Paul first came to St James with his wife, Christine, in  2017, where they were given a lovely welcome and very  soon felt part of the family at Audley.  Paul has enjoyed  working and getting involved with the maintenance side of the Church.  Paul and Chris have lived in Bignall End since 2013 and both have a desire to serve our community.
St James PCC:  

Annette Dodd, Katherine Dumbill, Janice Eatough (Treasurer),
Gerry Harvey, Josie Knight, Ruth Nix, Mark Smith (Deanery Synod),
John Slade (Deanery Synod), Stefan Spain, Chik Kaw Tan (General Synod), Simon Tomkins (Chair)
Donna Wilcox (Deanery Synod), Phillip Wootton, (PCC Secretary, Ann McCabe)

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Jon Courthold, 13/11/2020