Cloverley Hall 2018


We have recently enjoyed a great weekend away at Cloverley Hall. 

Our speaker for the weekend was Joe Dent and his theme was 'Meals with Jesus'.   We were also pleased to welcome Rod Thomas, Bishop of Maidstone, for a session on 'Practical Evangelism' on Saturday morning.  Our children and young people enjoyed their own events and sessions led by Jonny and Katie Pawlett.

You can listen to or download Joe and Rod's talks here:

Talk 1: Introductions - Revelation 3

This talk includes an introductory Interview with Simon Tomkins.
Genesis 18, Exodus 24, Isaiah 25 and Revelation 3.
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Talk 2: Luke 5:27-32

The Calling of Levi - Jesus the doctor for sinners.
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Talk 3: Luke 7: 36-50

The sinful woman, love for Jesus.
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Talk 4: Luke 22: 1-22

Passover.  How can I be sure God is smiling at me?
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Extra: Practical Evangelism
We enjoyed an extra session with Rod Thomas, Bishop of Maidstone, who joined us for part of Saturday.
This recording includes Chik Kaw Tan interviewing Rod before his talk.
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We were hoping to put up photos of the weekend away but having reviewed the requirements of the
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that comes into force in the UK on the 25th May 2018 we have realised that the requirement
to get explicit written consent to use pictures in this way is prohibitive in terms of the time, effort and bureaucracy involved.